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Reading books is at the heart of this musical program geared to bring books, families, and kids together in an interactive way! 

Michigan Library Theme 2021" Tales of Tails"   Tricia presents:  "A Zoo in YOU!"

We are truly excited about this year's library theme because it lends itself to the creativity and spontaneity that is a cornerstone of Tricia's programming. Did you know that tunes can be tales... and tales can be tunes? There will be plenty of opportunity for your young learners to get involved with this event as Tricia introduces "tales with tails" with a cat puppet named Meow Mama, Sherman the skunk puppet, Winston the Worm, and probable animal friends who may just show up (whether your library has this show virtually or on site. ) With all of the puppet friends that will be showing up, it will be the perfect event for audience participation. Tricia can help your library continue to celebrate literacy online or face to face. During this time of a worldwide pandemic, Tricia's programs have been performed wearing masks, outdoors, and online. Flexibility matters. 

Tricia brings books along with her to encourage young readers and their families to check out library offerings of her program segments. Literacy is always the goal in these events. Many of her tunes are based on books. She holds an advanced degree in Reading Education and was a classroom teacher. She gets it.

Librarians have long known that music and literacy work well together for tremendous learning gains. This interactive program will have your kids following a "trail" of pawprints with both songs and stories that lead to literacy throughout this participatory and energetic program.  Celebrate it with Tunes and Tales ....and Tails!!!

Tricia is listed in the Michigan Arts and Humanities Touring Directory under "Theatre for Young Audiences. http://www.michiganhumanities.org. She is listed under Patricia Kjolhede in the section labeled" Puppet" 

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