"Our kids are still talking about you and how much they enjoyed your visit. Keeping them entertained and engaged can be a tough job but you made it look easy! Thanks so much for the CDs too!"” - Tammie Burg and Joyce Massey

— K-ville Child care

I feel very lucky to be doing this kind of work for kids and families.  It makes me smile every day. After spending more than 30 years as a classroom teacher, it really feels like frosting on a very tasty cupcake! I still value a lot of those same sing- a- long tunes that I used when I was a teacher, but I love picking up new ones along the way as well. I am always open to new melodies and ideas... especially if they are interactive and engaging for audience members. 

Currently, I am tickled pink to be the weekly on site musician at our  local kids museum in addition to my concert schedule.  Life is good indeed.


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